Perfect Dark Zero Trailers and Commercials

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Perfect Dark Zero Vengeance Trailer (2005)

This is the first of two commercials made showcasing beta footage from Perfect Dark Zero, along with a voice over done by a female voice actress who's identify isn't known, but is also not the voice actress who voices Joanna Dark in the final game (Laurence Bouvard)  This commercial came out on November 21s of 2005 according to IGN. Later the same commercial aired again but this time the voice actress was replaced with a male voice actor reading the same script. 

Perfect Dark Zero DLC Trailer (2006)

This trailer was made to showcase the downloadable maps such as Rooftops, Plaza, Trench and Gas plant. Its unknown exactly when this trailer first came out, but we do know the year was 2006. Micheal Cawood was the editor of this DLC trailer, along with a few other Perfect Dark Zero showcases. 

Perfect Dark Zero Live Action Trailer (2005)

Originally Airing on December 10th of 2005, this trailer was first seen on Spike-TV for the Spike-TV Video Game Awards. Not much is known about the actress that plays Joanna Dark in this commercial because no credit online was listed. 

There are versions of this commercial in French, English and Japanese. Recently the reels for this commercial that would play in movie theaters was uploaded to the internet. This is a higher quality version of that reel. 

Check out the Japanese version for an interesting surprise. Although its shorter than the English counterpart, it uses different clips than the English version and features more on screen text.

Perfect Dark Zero Live Action Trailer en français (2005)    

Perfect Dark Zero Live Action Trailer パーフェクトダーク ゼロ  

Perfect Dark Zero Trailer (Japanese) パーフェクトダーク ゼロ 

The Vengeance Trailer in Japanese, Although small there are some differences. 

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